Windows of Grace 11: The King on the Cross

Matthew 27:27-44

The Awkward Funeral

The family interview was going great until the pastor brought up
the question, “So tell me about your loved one’s faith.”
Family members looked at each other and then looked at the floor.
Finally, one son cleared his throat and said,
“Well, you know, my Dad was not really one to talk about his beliefs.
He was very private about religion.”

Taking their cue from the son, everyone quickly nodded,
“Yes, very private about those things, but he would show
his faith by how he lived and treated others.”
At the service, the pastor tried to give people assurances and hope,
but he was left without much to go on.
Everyone squirmed at the presentation of the Gospel,
including the pastor.

How can you make sure this does not happen to you?
This morning we will look at truth about our Lord Jesus and His cross
that will help you to avoid the awkward funeral.

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