Windows of Grace 5: Thirsty? Got Water?

John 4:1-38

Water is essential for life. Here in America,
we take ready access to clean drinking water for granted.
But around the world, people go to great lengths to get water. In Jesus’ time, people usually drew water from a community well,
often found outside of the city limits. Think about it…
Not much is heavier than water.
What is the weight of a ten gallon water jar?
What is it like to carry it close to a mile on a dusty road?
What is it like to do this chore in the heat of the day?

Our scripture passage looks at Jesus going WAY out of His way
to meet a woman of low reputation at Jacob’s ancient well.
This was a groundbreaking event that elevated the role of women forever.

What was so special about it? What crucial message did
Jesus communicate by His teachings and actions?
What can we learn from His actions to impact
our way of looking at and doing things today?

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