Darkness & Light Conference

Eye-opening! That was the overwhelming response to Dr. Mark Anderson’s training on Saturday, February 6, for the Answers Conference 2010. Mark covered a lot of ground in the six-hour conference, teaching on a wide range of topics. He presented a great deal of content through Power Point presentations (available below) on Divination, Wicca, Vampires, Supernatural Shift in the U.S. and the Christian and Spiritual Attack.

One of the key things that Mark wanted to communicate through his sessions is that the Christian need not fear Satan. Jesus Christ has already given us the victory over the Devil. God is much, much stronger than the enemy and will overcome the evil one when we trust in Him and call on His name.

We are making these sessions available here.Click on the links below to listen online.  If someone would like an audio CD of the sessions, please contact Pastor Christopher at clhabarnes@gmail.com.

The Christian vs Spiritual Attack Part 1

The Christian and Spiritual Attack Part 2

The Christian and Spritual Attack Part 3

Divination & Ouija Boards

Dracula & Vampires

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