Christmas People 3: The Joy of the Outcasts

Luke 2:1-20, Micah 5:2

What’s a God to do? His prophecy hundreds of years earlier
puts the Messiah in Bethlehem for His birth. But a very pregnant Mary is
miles away in her hometown of Nazareth. So what does God do?
He moves secular leaders to have a registration that requires
this young couple to go to their town of origin, Bethlehem,
since both of them are from the royal family line of King David.

But who will be there with them to celebrate this glorious event?
Who will rejoice at the birth of this special One?

No worries. God has it covered.
He would make a glorious announcement to…
SHEPHERDS?! Really, shepherds?
Stinky, lowly shepherds, seen by most as
the bottom of the social ladder.

Yes, God chose them and
speaks through this choice a powerful message!
Join us in observing this ordinary group that was
caught up in the extraordinary…

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