Stewardship 2010: Anatomy of a Giver

Continue the Journey Logo2 Corinthians 8:1-2, 9:7

Stewardship involves recognizing that God owns all that we have
and He makes us the trustee of those things. He calls us to
use our time, talents, treasures, everything for
His glory. Good stewards are generous givers.

Some people view generous givers disrespectfully.
They look at these people as if they are some kind of fools.
They think, “What’s wrong with these people?”
Don’t they know they are just being taken advantage of?
What are they ever going to get out of their giving?

We live in a society filled with people who are not givers
by any means. They have an entitlement mindset.
They are takers not givers. Consumers not producers.

But givers look at things entirely different.
They are already getting a rich reward for their giving,
but there is more to them than meets the eye.
What Makes a GIVER Work?

That question reminded me of an earlier curiosity
about the human body. I became fascinated with anatomy.
I could lay on the floor for hours as a kid,
leafing through the encyclopedia’s anatomy charts.
I wonder what the anatomy is of a generous giver.

Let’s explore that together…

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