Understanding & Reaching Muslims

Missions Conference Features Muslim Awareness
“Understanding and Reaching Muslims” was the theme of this year’s Missions Conference at St. Luke Evangelical Church in Wellington on October 11. Special guests Dr. Mark and Sarah Anderson of International Teams spoke on three different topics to enlighten and challenge attendees on how to move from fear to faith when it comes to dealing with Islam in America and the world today.

The Andersons provide similar special training in workshops across the country and around the world. Their presentations focused on: “Unexpected Disciples–Audio” comparing the Roman Centurion during Jesus’ day with modern-day Muslims — in both morning worship services.

They shared insight into Muslim beliefs about Jesus and especially offered simple questions to ask Muslims about Jesus and Muhammad (Questions Power Point) during Sunday school.

Dr. Anderson then shared incredible stories of the salvation of many Muslims around the world and gave insights into the form of Islam practiced by the majority of Muslims around the world and in the US–Folk Islam Power Point–at a 1 PM workshop after a potluck lunch.

“I am very excited that we had the opportunity to host the Andersons,” said Pastor Christopher Barnes. “This is an important topic today. People are often unnerved by what they see in the news and unprepared to have a loving, gracious relationship with Muslims who might join them in the work place or in their neighborhoods.” Barnes also felt that this is “a caliber of presentation not often available in small communities like ours.”

The Andersons served as missionaries in France for twenty years. A ministry among middle and upper-middle class French people was expanded their last four years to evangelism among Muslims from French-speaking North African countries. Mark and Sarah now live in the United States.  They work in the Muslim Ministries Department of International Teams.  They teach and mentor Missionaries-in-Training.

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