Stewardship 2010: Living in Uncharted Territory

Continue the Journey LogoMatthew 6:5-13; Matthew 7:7-11

Whenever a person enters uncharted territory,
it pays to have a trusted guide.
When I started deer hunting two years ago,
I was a champion rookie. I didn’t have a clue.
Yet, trusted individuals took me out, showed me the ropes
and stuck me in “can’t miss” situations.
(Not sure how I missed the first season, but…)

Ever thought of life as a venture into uncharted territory?
So often, whether as individuals or as a church,
we are forced to venture into the unknown and unpredictable.

What can we do? We need a trusted guide to
continue the journey to which God is calling us.

Believe it or not, The Lord’s Prayer is all about
connecting to our Trusted Guide.
Join us this week for an unlikely message
for our first Stewardship Sunday.

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