Life-Changing Series in November!

Walk Across the Room Art3

What if twenty steps
across a room
could change your friend’s forever?

In his newest book, Just Walk Across the Room, Pastor BILL HYBELS
paints a compelling picture for how a few steps of obedience
really can touch eternity.


for a Four-Week Church Experience that will refresh your
appreciation for the Holy Spirit’s mysterious ways,
rekindle your passion for people,
and revive your belief that the single greatest gift
you can give to your friends and family members
is an introduction to

the God who…

LOVES them
for their every day.

During these four Sundays, we’ll learn together how to approach our
sin-scarred world with a relevant, appropriate message of truth
– a message that is conveyed on the heels of a simple walk across a room.

We kick off this this new series on the first Sunday of November! Call now to order your copy of the best-selling book, Just Walk Across the Room, in either hardcover or audio CD. The book is authored by Pastor Bill Hybels, pastor of Willow Creek Community Church.

Small group guides are available for those who will be in small groups. Small groups will feature DVD portions to kick off the weekly discussions.

One of our greatest fears is talking to someone about Jesus. Learn how to take the fear out and make each day of your life an exciting adventure.

The first four Sundays in November can be life-changing if we let them. See you there. Pastor Christopher

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