Answers Conference Informative and Thought Provoking!

Dr. Terry Mortenson did an incredible job teaching the audience on the issues of creation vs. evolution for six sessions over two days. Comment after comment was, “I never really thought so deeply about these issues.” One of his common themes was the challenge to see how much of Christ’s teaching and our fundamental beliefs rely upon the presentation in Genesis of the creation of the world in six days, of the fall of humans, and of Noah’s flood as a global catastrophe.

For most, the importance of a young earth to our hope in Jesus Christ had never been presented. More than one person walked away saying to themselves, “this has given me a lot to think about.”

In addition to the philosophical importance of the Genesis account, Dr. Mortenson homed in on scientific and historical evidence for the co-existence of dinosaurs with humans, for the huge fossil record as evidence for Noah’s flood, and for the illusion of ape-men missing links. These scientific presentations helped reveal the unreliabilityof evolution as a whole and Darwin’s theory in particular.

You can catch what you missed by clicking the links below:

Sunday AM Worship Service: “Creation vs. Evolution: Why It Matters”

Sunday School Hour:  “Dinosaurs: Have You Been Brainwashed?”

Sunday Afternoon: “Noah’s Flood: Washing Away Millions of Years”

Monday Evening Session 1: “Origin of Species: Was Darwin Right?”

Monday Evening Session 2: “Origin of Species: Was Darwin Right?”

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