Living Sacrifices6: What Good Is Government?

living-sacrifices-logoRomans 13:1-6; 1 Peter 2:13-14

Government: The institution can provoke unlimited griping,
anger, even feelings of disgust. During the last several election
cycles, party power has shifted back and forth endlessly.
Therefore, almost half of the people are unhappy
at any given moment with the party in power.

Such frustration can easily provoke us to ask,
“What good is government?”
In Romans 13, God now turns His attention
to this critical issue. As saved people, citizens in heaven,
what are we to think of imperfect government?
What are the basic forms of government? AND
How can God use human government for good?

These are the issues we will look at this week.
Next week, we will deal with the question,
“How does a Christian relate to evil in government?”

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