Living Sacrifices 5: Getting Revenge God’s Way

living-sacrifices-logo2Romans 12:14, 17-21

How many of us can finish the following phrases?
I don’t get mad…
Hell hath no fury like…
Revenge is a dish…
What goes around…

Revenge seems woven into the American culture
stretching all the way back to one of the first American flags:
The coiled rattlesnake with the words, Don’t Tread on Me.
Movie after movie, play after play,
Western after Western, book after book is filled
with people seeking to get revenge for an evil, villain
harming an innocent child or wife.
The desire for revenge begins to choke the life
out of the good guy in the story.

Is there an alternative?
Is there a way to “no longer conform to the pattern of this world
and to be transformed to be like Christ?
Tune in today to learn, not just what not to do, but how
the Christ-like reaction can become second nature to us;
how we can be set free from bitterness and
the destructive cycle of revenge.

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