God and Terror 1: Whose Side Is God On?

god-and-terror-logoRomans 11:25-29; Psalm 2

When the 9/11 attacks killed 3,000 Americans,
we were stunned. Shocked. Many asked the burning question,
“Where was God when this happened?”
Even that question lays out a position, doesn’t it?
God must be on our side in such a tragedy.

In fact, this is the question at the heart of much of the dispute
in the Middle East… “Whose Side Is God On?

Now Gaza is in flames and Hamas and Israel
appear locked in a battle to the death.
Both the Jews and the Muslims claim a divine right to
the land presently occupied by modern-day Israel.
Who is right here? Does God speak to this issue?
Let’s hear from His Word to discover whether
God is on the side of Israel or the Palestinians.

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