Fascinating Book Just Released! Jungle missionary adventure!

I know the author personally and have for years been fascinated by the great stories of the uniqueness of his childhood and ministry. Mike and his family have deeply impacted and been impacted by the Yanomamo people with whom they have worked. I personally encourage you to take a look at this book.  You can get a taste with these excerpts…

Special Excerpt: Friends and Anacondas   Fishing for Pirhanas!

Here is a note from the publisher on some special pre-publication prices for this great book:

Dear Friend in Christ,

It isn’t often that a book such as this comes out. Three generations of the same family working with this Venezuelan tribe and now a new film coming out from the tribal leaders themselves to refute the secular anthropologists by showing how walking with Christ has transformed their culture.

But I need your help. We are going to press in a couple of weeks and need to make sure we print enough books to meet the need. In exchange, we are offering a huge discount on pre-publication orders (see below). We would appreciate it if you would share this information with others, as we don’t have access to many of those churches. With all of the marginal books and films that are out there that your church members might spend their time on, this is one that you’ll want to emphasize.

Thrill Your Church Members With Missionary Adventures in the Amazon Rainforest!

NEW for 2009

Available December 2008 with special discounts on pre-publication orders (see below)

Great for Ages 13 through adult
Missions groups
Families and individuals interested in missions


What people are saying:

…a bit of Huck Finn, with an Amazon twist.

            Simon Romero, Andean Bureau Chief, The New York Times

…a story of life with stone-age people, guaranteed to expand the mind even of the most experienced.

            Mark Andrew Ritchie, Author, Spirit of the Rainforest

Imagine a white boy, in “the hood” of this jungle tribe, living, playing and growing up Yanomamö.

            Christopher Bessette, Writer/Director of the feature film Yai Wanonabälewä: The Enemy God

…experiences will equip and encourage you in your faith…

            Roger Krenzin, JAARS Missionary Pilot to Africa, South America, and Asia, Retired

It is a book you will enjoy reading while learning about the problems of preaching the gospel to a people with a different world view.

            Duane Stous, New Tribes Missions missionary and trainer, Retired


Author Michael Dawson is a lifelong missionary to the indigenous Yanomamö tribe in Venezuela. Born in the middle of the Amazon jungle, the fifth child of ten born to missionaries Joe and Mildred Dawson who went out with New Tribes Mission, Mike continues to serve God with his wife, Keila, and their three boys and two daughters.


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Link to the Yanomamö movie – http://www.theenemygod.com/


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