Salvation 101: Lost Beyond Repair?

Genesis 6:5-6; Psalm 51:1-5; Romans 3:9-18

Last week we looked at the height at which God created human beings and
from which they fell due to Adam’s and Eve’s decision to disobey God.


We saw that humans were created in God’s image and created to be
the steward-rulers of the earth. And God’s verdict upon the creation of man was
that it was very good.


But Adam and Eve were immediately stained by sin,
filled with the knowledge of evil for the first time and flushed with shame as a result.
We saw the weakness of blame shifting immediately display itself.
And the immediate consequence was the death of an innocent animal
to cover the once innocent sinners.


So, what is the net result? What is the state of human beings today?
This is hotly debated in some circles.
On one side are those who side with the 18th Century French philosopher
Jean-Jacques Rousseau who believed in the natural or innate goodness of humankind.
Others identify more closely with the thoughts of 17th Century French
mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal who negated such a view.


So, where do we find human beings?
If we have lost Paradise and have been stained by sin,
how deeply have we been affected and to what extent have we lost
Salvation, the personal conscious fellowship with God forever?

This week we will look at God’s Word to see
if we have been
lost beyond repair.

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