Out with the Old, In with the New

Matthew 9:9-34

Jesus seldom fit people’s expectations. To round up his personal crew of disciples, he scraped the bottom of the barrel when he included Matthew the tax collector. Immediately his judgment is questioned, “Why does your Teacher eat with such scum?”

Jesus replied that he had a different mission based on His identity as a “doctor.” He would minister to the sick–those who admitted that they needed healing. He scolded the religious leaders for their cold-heartedness and lack of mercy toward others.

But this simply fit Jesus’ modus operandi or method of operation. Trying to squeeze Jesus into their religious system was as useless as trying to get new wine to stay in an old wineskin. Their religious system would burst from the pressure just as the old wineskin would split.

Jesus came to make everything new, including us. In what ways are you trying to get a little bit of Jesus into your life without disrupting the whole? Jesus won’t be contained. He won’t be tamed. He wants to penetrate your life with the same power that He used to raise the dead, heal the blind and bleeding, and cast out demons.

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